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Manitex Introduces Design Enhancements to Boom Truck Models

This week, crane manufacturer Manitex Inc. announced enhancements to the design and operation of several of its crane models. The Georgetown, Texas, company has introduced new tip heights for two of its boom truck models, and incorporated the Hoist Drum Rotation Indicator (HDRI) as a standard feature on their 40- and 50-ton machines.

The new tip height extends reach in the 124SX and 40124S models to 190 feet, approximately 13 percent higher than the previous 166 feet. The new tip height enhances operations of the models when used in the power grid construction field. The design changes were made in response to increasing demands in the market.

“Power lines are now carrying more current and therefore need to be lifted off the ground higher,” says Scott Rolston, president. “That’s where the improved 124SX and 40124S come in.”

The machines have also been used in the building of ethanol plants in the Midwest. “The increased height allows for construction of the aerial grain elevators,” explains Randy Robertson, director of sales and marketing for Manitex, Inc., in talking about the various applications of the crane.

Manitex is making efforts to increase its share market in the segments of power grid construction and other similar applications, according to a press release. The company has steadily and aggressively positioned itself as a “one-stop shop” for lifting equipment. “We have what it takes to get the job done from forklifts to taxi cranes. Specializing in various niche markets is one of our strengths,” concludes Robertson.

Incorporating HDRI as a standard feature of the company’s larger machines now gives better load control to the operator, explains Rolston. The hoist drum rotation indicator is an electronically operated system that provides the operator with touch indication of drum rotation. This enables the operator to tell if the drum is rotating, and at what speed, even under the most distracting conditions.

“Offering HDRI as a standard feature just makes sense,” says Rolston. “Giving better load control to the operators is a task we at Manitex are always working to improve.”



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