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Manitex Unveils 30-Ton Tractor-Mounted Crane with 45-Ft. Horizontal Reach | Construction News

Manitex Unveils 30-Ton Tractor-Mounted Crane with 45-Ft. Horizontal Reach | Construction News

At the ICUEE show, Manitex, Georgetown, Texas, unveiled its new 3051T, a 30-ton capacity tractor-mounted telescopic crane that offers 45 ft. of horizontal reach.

The new crane fills in the gap between Manitex’s two existing tractor-mounted cranes, the 22-ton Model 22T and the 45-ton model 45T.

The first production unit of the 3051T rolled out of the Manitex factory in July. Manitex director of sales and marketing Randy Robertson says that its dealer Coast Crane helped develop the product, and that the first seven units went straight to work. ICUEE was the model’s first appearance at any show.

The crane comes with a full-length subframe and can be mounted on a truck tractor with a single steering axle. The show unit was mounted on a 66,000 GVWR Peterbilt tractor, but the 3051T can be mounted on any truck with a GVWR of 60,000 lbs. or more. The crane weighs 15,559 lbs.

The swept-back turret design, new with this model, enables the boom to be stowed over the front with minimal overhang. A-frame front outriggers and a front bumper jack are standard. Optional out-and-down rear outriggers eliminate the need to have a trailer attached to the tractor for counterweight.

The crane comes with a two-speed planetary hoist that can change speed ranges on the fly, and the swing system allows the operator to select between free swing and standard swing. An optional swing reducer can deliver up to 60,000 inch-pounds of torque for demanding applications.

The three-section telescoping boom has a minimum length of 21'3" and a maximum length of 51' 0". The maximum boom tip height is 61 ft. 

Dual operator stations are standard and radio remote controls are optional.



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