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Manitex Unveils Highly Anticipated 50-Ton Capacity Boom Truck

Designed to compete with traditional truck cranes in the 50-ton product range, the new 5096S is a major step up the ladder for Manitex. Lift and Access 360 was the first to see the 5096S at the boom truck manufacturer's facility in Georgetown, Texas.

In standard dress, the 50-ton capacity crane, which features a 96-foot boom length, scales in at 58,000 GVW. To hold the GVW down, Manitex turned to thinner yet higher strength 100 KSI steel.

The base boom is a fully proportional, full-power, four-section design. Utilizing Nylatron pads with Teflon inserts, the boom is designed for greaseless operation. Additionally, the 5096 will have a 32- to 49-foot telescoping jib that will add 1,900 pounds to the unit's weight. A first for Manitex, the jib will offset at 0, 15, and 30 degrees.

Omnex supplies the wireless remote pendent, as well as the conventional full-hydraulic controls, to set the outriggers. This allows for positioning from any location around the crane or from the cab. Another Manitex first is the unit's on-rubber lift chart.

A Hirshmann PAT Mentor LMI is also standard equipment. This CANbus-based system features a wireless anti-two-block that eliminates any electrical cables in the boom.

Braden-supplied winch packages provide 15,000 pounds of line-pull. The packages come with specially grooved drums to prevent the rope from riding up on one side and spring tensioners.

WRCA's XLT4 wire rope is standard equipment on the 5096S. Notable options include cab air conditioning and an auxiliary winch package.

Contrary to other industry reports, Manitex told Lift and Access 360 that delivery of this new unit is not likely to take place until at least late spring • but more likely, the 5096S will start shipping in early summer.

Additional information gathered exclusively by Lift and Access will be featured in future issues of Lift and Access 360 and in Lift and Access magazine.


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