Manitex Unveils New 70-Ton Truck Mounted Telescopic Crane | Construction News

Manitex TC700 Crane, construction news
Manitex TC700 70-Ton Crane
New Manitex TC700 70-Ton Crane
New Manitex TC700 Crane

Manitex, Inc. has announced the unveiling of its newest truck mounted telescopic crane, the 70-t TC700.

The TC700 is designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of owner operators around the globe. Unlike most comparable brands on the market today, the TC700 is specifically designed to be used on commercial carriers, allowing operators quick travel to and between job sites. Once on the job, the TC700’s ROC-rock solid radio outrigger controls, swing out outrigger design, on-board outrigger pads and remote winch control option combine to greatly speed set- up time by a single operator.

The TC700 offers:

  • 70-t (63.5 mt) capacity at 8 ft.(2.4 m) radius
  • 115 ft. (38.1m) main boom length
  • 180 ft. (54.9 m) maximum tip height with optional 2-piece jib
  • 15,000 lbs. (6804 kg) bare drum line pull rating
  • Optional lattice jib base with pull out box section stinger with offsets of 0° / 20° / 40°
  • CE and ASME B30.5 Compliant

“When your cab is your office, it’s got to be a comfortable place to work,” said Randy Robertson, director of sales and marketing for Manitex. “We’ve designed the TC700 with more leg room, a wider interior, heated seats, and included many other features with available options to increase comfort, allowing operators to work more confidently and efficiently.” The TC700 operator cab tilts 20 degrees to minimize neck strain and offer the clearest view of the load. From inside the cab, a single screen displays both engine function and crane parameters via an all new load moment indicator. Two dual axis low effort joysticks provide smooth and precise control of boom functions. Winch controls are fitted with HDRI -Hoist Drum Rotation Indicators. HDRI thumpers notify the operator when the winch is rotating enabling the operator to focus on load placement.

The machine is CE compliant and designed to be fitted to trucks manufactured around the globe with 12 or 24 volt electrical systems.

The subframe of the machine is designed to be compatible with varying truck chassis rails and widths, enabling the crane to be shipped internationally and installed on locally manufactured 8x4 chassis. Five and six axle factory installed configurations will be available to the North American market.

The TC700 will be officially unveiled during the Manitex 25th Anniversary Dealer Appreciation event at the company’s headquarters in Georgetown, Texas. “The TC700 is our most technologically advanced crane and is designed to help operators work more efficiently, comfortably and profitably,” said Robertson. “It’s only fitting we unveil the TC700 as we celebrate 25 years in business with our dealers and supporters who helped us reach this important milestone.”