Manitowoc 31000 Crawler Crane Arrives in South Korea | Construction News

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South Korea’s Chunjo Construction Co. has taken delivery of the largest capacity crawler crane ever designed and built by Manitowoc – the Manitowoc 31000.

Chunjo has added the 2,535 t crawler to its rental fleet and will supply it to contractors around the globe, including those working on nuclear power plants. The crane’s first job is at a Posco E&C plant in Gwangyang, South Korea, where cutting-edge technology is making liquefied gas from low-grade coal. There, the crane is making 12 lifts for three of the plant’s vessels and is setup with 180 ft. of boom and a 197-ft. luffing jib.

Of special interest to Chunjo is the Manitowoc 31000’s Variable Position Counterweight (VPC) system, which ranges from 28 ft. fully retracted to 29 95 ft. fully extended. The VPC minimizes the crane’s footprint and ground preparation.

Chang Hwan Jang, chairman at Chunjo, explained why the company is so attracted to the 31000’s VPC system.

“The Manitowoc 31000 has a tremendous capacity and we will be able to use it for heavy lifts on a diverse number of projects,” he said. “But the real advantage is the crane’s VPC, which will keep the footprint of the crane manageable, giving us more space to work on the job site.”

Also part of the deal, Chunjo purchased three 660 t Manitowoc 18000 crawler cranes to add to its fleet. When working with the MAX-ER attachment, the 18000’s capacity is boosted to 825 t It boasts a 320 ft. boom.

Not including the four recent additions, Chunjo possesses:

  • 9 Manitowoc 18000s
  • 5 Manitowoc 777s
  • 4 Grove GMK4100Ls
  • 3Grove GMK5100s
  • 17 Grove RT875Es
  • 9 Grove RT760Es
  • 59 Grove RT650Es
  • 18 Grove RT530Es
  • 1 Potain MD 1100 tower crane

Ho Joon Bang, vice chairman at Chunjo, described the special relationship between his company and Manitowoc.

“The partnership between our two companies dates back many years and I can attest that Manitowoc makes the best cranes in the world, whether it’s Grove, Manitowoc or Potain,” he said. “This new Manitowoc 31000 is making its first lifts at the very same site as our first Manitowoc 18000, so it’s a very important and symbolic milestone for Chunjo.”