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Manitowoc Expands Customer Support in Australasia | Daily Construction News

Manitowoc Expands Customer Support in Australasia | Daily Construction News

Manitowoc has opened a new customer contact center in Sydney, Australia, to provide free customer support for its dealers and customers in Australasia. The center is staffed by experienced Manitowoc engineers and trained technicians and organizes on-site support and training, dispatches parts, provides technical assistance and all manner of additional services to ensure the correct and effective use of its products.


In addition to Sydney, support offices in Brisbane and Melbourne provide service 24/7 hours, thanks to its link with Manitowoc’s other international Crane Care support centers in Germany, France, China, and the United States. The center complements the company’s network of three dealers and three Manitowoc Crane Care facilities that currently operate across the region.


Brad Cooper, country manager at Manitowoc, said the new center is designed to promote better crane use and efficient operation while creating a new platform to deliver customer support. “As we expand our operations in Australia and New Zealand, we remain committed to helping our dealers and customers get the most from their cranes,” he said. “This new channel of communication will provide assistance and advice based on global experience and expert knowledge. It will also help us to improve our services and meet the specific needs of customers and dealers across the region.”


The decision to open the center is partly down to the growing number of Manitowoc cranes in Australia and New Zealand. More than 1,100 cranes are currently at work in the two countries. The majority of cranes are used in construction and infrastructure projects that range from small residential applications to large projects, including many in Australia’s huge natural resources industry. Such variety means cranes are worked hard and need operators with the training and knowledge to perform demanding lifts.


Kelvin Kent, general manager of Manitowoc in Australia and New Zealand, added: “We strive to continually improve our products but also to offer customers an innovative service to match,” he said. “Giving customers a new method of contact brings us closer to the wider market and will help us to tailor our operations to the changing needs of the industry.


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