Manitowoc to Introduce 31000 Scale Model


The Manitowoc 31000, the largest crawler crane Manitowoc, Manitowoc, Wis., has ever designed and built, will soon be captured in a replica model. The 1:50th scale model will arrive at ConExpo 2011 next March. The model replicates the design and details of the crane, including the variable position counterweight. Even at one-fiftieth of the size of the actual crane, the model will be the largest offered by Manitowoc. When fully assembled, the model height will peak at almost 100 inches. Features include moving crawler tracks, full-rotation slewing, a detailed hook block, key-operated drums, a detailed cab interior and a fully functioning variable position counterweight system with individual counterweights.

Amanda Barbarossa, promotional program manager, said the new 31000 model is a highly anticipated addition to The Manitowoc Model Shop. “We‘ve had a lot of success with our large crane models since the Manitowoc 18000 model came out in 2005,” she said. “Given its size and the new technology it includes, it is an exciting new model.”

The Manitowoc 31000 model will be painted Manitowoc red and will be rigged with a 262-foot boom and 131-foot luffing jib at a 1:50 scale. Production is limited to 500 pieces, and each unit will retail for $1,800. Manitowoc is currently taking reservations for the model at The Manitowoc Model Shop website.