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Manitowoc Introduces Potain Self-Erecting Crane at Bauma

Manitowoc Introduces Potain Self-Erecting Crane at Bauma

At Bauma 2010, Manitowoc, Manitowoc, Wis., unveiled the Potain Igo T 130, the largest self-erecting crane in the world, according to the manufacturer. The crane has a 9-ton maximum capacity. The self-erecting shares main characteristics with the existing Potain GTMR 386, one of Manitowoc’s most successful cranes, according to the company. The Igo T 130 also offers a number of improvements including an impressive 164-foot jib that can cover large areas of the job site. With the Igo T 130, the jib can assemble as one section and also fold back to a single section for transport. In its transport configuration, it travels as a single trailer with an overall length of 56 feet.

This convoy has a ground clearance of 13 inches for better access to working job sites. Vincent Milan, senior product manager for self-erecting cranes at Manitowoc, said the new crane has a familiar feel to users of Igo T cranes, but also includes some important new design features. “Our customers like the advanced technology and flexibility of the Igo T range, and we’ve included some additional features on the new model,” he said. “We’ve introduced design changes that make it easier for customers to rig the crane and also easier to transport. There are a lot of projects that last too long to justify leaving a mobile crane on site, yet are too short to erect a top-slewing tower crane. For these sites, the Igo T 130 is perfect.”

The crane can save time before arriving at the job site because the end jib section can be added or removed before traveling, even when the crane is in the folded position. If working with the final folding section attached, the Igo T 130 can still fold back in one simple operation. The Igo T 130 uses only 25 percent of the power required by the GTMR 386 for rigging, which can be an advantage on job sites where power supply is an issue.

The Igo T 130 lifts to a radius of 61 feet. The crane has different load charts, depending on working height and how far the jib is folded. At its maximum 164-foot outreach, the crane can lift up to1.5 tons. With the jib end section folded back, the crane has a maximum radius of 111.5 feet (if the end jib section is removed altogether the maximum radius drops slightly to 110 feet, but the chart improves).

Working heights are adjusted by inserting 20-foot lattice sections. With the 164-foot jib extended, the crane can work at a height of 122 feet. By luffing the jib to 30 degrees, the working height extends to 200 feet. Like other Igo T cranes, the new crane can vary its working height and jib lengths to adapt to job sites as they change. For each position of the jib (full horizontal, luffed to 30 degrees, folded horizontal) there are seven working heights. Minimum height is 60 feet.

Milan said the crane will be perfect for medium sized jobs. “Our customer feedback told us we needed a crane that is simple to use and can cover a range of job sites,” he said. “The Igo T 130 is a powerful crane and travels on just three trailers, so it costs less to run than cranes with more trailers. It is perfect for all kinds of commercial and public construction projects.”

In addition to its own unique characteristics, the Igo T 130 shares a number of features with other Igo T cranes, including a fast set-up time, as the crane can unfold and be ready to work on the job site in less than four hours. Also, using 20-foot mast inserts, less time and effort are required for rigging, according to Manitowoc. Once the job finishes, Igo T cranes are easy to fold and require only a limited amount of space to do so.

A series of sensors and Potain’s SmartCom make the crane easier to fold out to its working position. Once working, the integrated remote control and adjustable controls make lifting as simple as possible and improve productivity. Frequency-controlled mechanisms ensure smooth movements, including hoisting, where Potain’s 33 LVF 20 Optima winch is included, offering lift speeds of up to 213 feet per minute for fast working, or 5.25 feet per minute for close control when positioning loads.

The Igo T 130 can include the new Ultra View operator’s cab which was also introduced at Bauma.


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