Manitowoc Offers Full Tower Crane Training in Shady Grove

Manitowoc Crane Care’s state-of-the-art training facility at its Shady Grove, Pa., facility now offers a complete range of tower crane training programs. The training program is a direct response to customer demand, and Manitowoc Crane Care is now able to offer a level of tower crane training not available elsewhere in the United States, the company said.

Robert Hund, executive vice president of Manitowoc Crane Care, said improved productivity is just one of the benefits of a professionally trained staff. “Potain tower cranes are well known as the fastest and easiest cranes to rig and de-rig, but to take advantage of this superior engineering, customers must ensure their crew is properly trained,” he said. “At Shady Grove, we now have courses in basic tower crane training plus more detailed courses covering erecting, dismantling and rigging. Having a crane on-site means students get a complete understanding of the Potain technology in a much shorter timeframe.”

The first tower crane training course is Potain Level 1, a general class that students can take only after passing a prerequisite e-training course. After this, they can move on to the more detailed courses. Manitowoc Crane Care offers 4½-day courses in climbing, erecting and dismantling where students study both crew member and crew lead roles in each discipline.

The latest aid to on-site training is a Potain MDT 178 topless tower crane located close to the classrooms at Shady Grove. Having the crane on-site helps crews understand the processes necessary to get maximum efficiency from crane operations. Training courses for self-erecting cranes are also available.


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