Manitowoc Promotes New Cranes at SAIE 2008

Manitowoc introduced some of its latest cranes to the Italian market at the SAIE 2008 tradeshow in Bologna, Italy, Oct. 15-18, 2008. The new Grove GMK5170 all-terrain crane and the Potain MDT 268 from the top-slewing tower crane range were both on show. Both cranes were launched earlier this year. The company also launched the Igo 30 self-erecting crane.

The Igo 30, the company’s latest addition to the Potain range of Igo self-erecting cranes features many of the design elements popular in the Igo range. The crane has a maximum capacity of 2.4 tons, which it lifts out to almost 48 feet. There is a 98-foot jib version that lifts 1,984 pounds at its jib end, and an almost 92-foot jib version that lifts 1.1 tons at its jib end. Height under hook is 67 feet and the jib can luff to either 8° or 20°.

Vincent Milan, Manitowoc’s senior product manager for self-erecting cranes, said the versatility of the Igo 30 would make it popular with both rental companies and end users. “The Igo 30, with its ballast attached, has a total weight of less than [28.6 tons], meaning it can travel with just one truck in many of its key markets, lowering transport costs,” he said. “It is also very easy to move and erect. Its flexible working configurations make it suitable for a variety of jobsites. It also has Manitowoc’s strong reputation for reliability behind it, backed up by Manitowoc Crane Care for parts and service. When combined with the expected strong residual value that Potain cranes enjoy, it makes it an attractive option to both rental companies and contractors.”

The new crane features the SmartCom system, which incorporates special sensors fitted around the crane to improve efficiency during folding and unfolding operations. For ease of setup the crane has side ballast, which means the counterweight does not need to move for folding and unfolding. This is especially useful on jobsites where “free slew” is not possible or where there are strict rules regarding the position of the jib during out-of-service operation. All of the mechanisms are frequency controlled for optimum performance and productivity. Another benefit is the radio remote control, which increases driver comfort and aids productivity.

The Igo 30 is manufactured at Manitowoc’s production facility in Niella Tanaro, Italy. The first production Igo 30 cranes will be with customers in February 2009.

The Grove GMK5170 all-terrain crane, introduced earlier this year, was also on display. It has a 187-ton maximum capacity and a six-section telescoping main boom that reaches almost 210 feet. The lattice extension for the GMK5170 includes a 59-foot bi-fold swingaway jib and two 26.2-foot fixed non-offsetable sections. When combined, these attachments give the crane a maximum tip height of 321.5 feet. With its strong load chart and maximum outreach of 249 feet, the GMK5170 is one of the most powerful and versatile cranes in the five-axle category. From Grove, the superstructure of the GMK5170 features an ergonomically designed hydraulically adjusting cab, equipped with the ECOS control system. The cab is tiltable to 20° with a full-vision screen and an adjustable operator seat with suspension. Additionally, the new all-terrain crane has Manitowoc’s Twin-Lock boom pinning system, the patented MEGATRAK suspension, all-wheel steer and the EKS 5 light load-monitoring system.

The Potain MDT 268 is a topless crane that offers contractors greater space utilization on sites where multiple cranes are working or where height restrictions are an issue. There are two versions of the MDT 268, a J10 version with an 11-ton maximum capacity and a J12 version with a 13.2-ton maximum capacity. Both versions have a maximum jib of just over 213 feet. The J10 version can pick 3.3 tons at the jib end and the J12 version can pick 3.19 tons. For greater flexibility, the crane can be configured with shorter jib options to increase lifting capacity. With an 82-foot jib, for example, the J10 picks 10.4 tons at its jib end and the J12 picks 10.25 tons.

Both cranes come with several features that offer improved performance and operating options for customers. The MDT 268 can be equipped with a choice of winches to give varying hoist speeds. The LVF Optima hoists offer productivity gains by optimizing the hoist speed in relation to the load on the hook. The hoists also offer cost savings because smaller generator sets can be used compared to cranes equipped with conventional hoist winches.

Also on display were two other Potain self-erecting cranes on the stand, the Igo 42 and the Igo T 85, as well as the Potain MCT 68. This top-slewing tower crane has a maximum capacity of 3.3 tons and a maximum jib length of almost 151 feet.

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