Mantis Launches 100-Ton Telescopic Crawler

Mantis Cranes by Spandeck, Inc., Franklin, Tenn., launched its new 100-ton capacity telescopic boom crawler, the Mantis 20010, last week at ICUEE. Based on preliminary specs, highlights of this crane include a 128-foot four-section boom with a 137-foot maximum tip height on the main boom. The crane lifts 40,000 pounds on the full main boom. With the addition of an optional 35-foot swing-away lattice extension and 25-foot jib, the 20010's maximum tip height is 196 feet.

The crane's superstructure rotates 360 degrees around a shear ball slew bearing with an external gear that matches with the swing drive pinion and bolts to the superstructure and the carbody. The 40,000-pound counterweight system consists of three pieces, and each can be removed and installed by a specially designed counterweight cylinder and pendant. The welded steel box-type carbody is fabricated with square axles to accept the crawler side frames, and the top surface is precision machined to receive the swing bearing.

Powered by a 330-hp Cummins QSM11 Tier 3 engine, the Mantis 20010 features a load-sensing hydraulic package with a maximum operating pressure of 4,900 psi. Other features include a fully enclosed, air-conditioned steel modular cab that tilts up to 20 degrees and includes rear and winch-view cameras and an electronic control module. Auxiliary hoist, an auger-ready package, free fall hoists, crane cab access walkways, and a 36”x72” two-person work platform are all optional equipment on the Mantis 20010.

According to Spandeck, the power line market was looking for a bigger crane, and Mantis Cranes' experience in the foundation and refinery industries led it to manufacture this 100-ton telescopic crawler. Spandeck said the 20010 can pick and carry its rated capacity.

In early 2007, the company introduced the 100-ton capacity 200RS telescopic crawler cranes for the rail service industry, which is set up for higher travel and features a shorter boom and special hook block arrangement. Although the 20010 follows Spandeck's same design philosophy, the company said it was built from scratch • not off the same design as the 200RS.