Maximum Capacity Media Releases 2009 Crane Guide

Maximum Capacity Media LLC, a division of Heartland Communications Group, Fort Dodge, Iowa, announced the publishing of its 2009 Hot Line Crane Guide, Volume VIII. Heartland has been a leader in providing valuable information to the construction equipment industry for more than 35 years with its products, such as Crane Hot Line, Lift and Access, Industrial Lift and Hoist and Contractors Hot Line.

The Hot Line Crane Guide is an excellent resource used nationwide by crane related businesses. It is a key provider of serial numbers, specifications, and pricing for more than 100 crane manufacturers.

This reliable source of information on cranes dates back from 1950s to the present. Crane Guide is published in seven categories of cranes including all-terrain, boom trucks, crawler, hydraulic truck, lattice truck, rough terrain and industrial cranes. It includes years manufactured, engine requirements, horsepower, tonnage, maximum boom length and weight.

The Hot Line Crane Guide may be purchased directly from Heartland Communications Group for $30. More information can be provided by calling toll-free 800-673-4763 or email subs@hotlineguides. For more information, visit or



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