Merger of Northwest Regional Crane Rental Companies Completed

Serving the upper Northwest United States, Campbell Crane and Ness Crane have operated in partnership sharing the same majority owner over the last several years. But on August 1, 2008 the two companies became incorporated as one. The merged entity, Ness and Campbell Crane Inc., is headquartered in Portland, Ore., and combined, includes seven locations.

“We have been working hand-in-hand for several years,” said Kurt Kleppe, vice president and general manager of Ness & Campbell Crane. Sharing the same mission statement little will change in how the company operates. No changes in management are expected. The biggest advantage, however, is the combination of the two fleets.

“By combining our assets, we can service our customers better,” said Kleppe. Previously, the rental companies had to rent from each other when one needed a crane it didn't have in its fleet. According to Kleppe, fleet size now doubles with approximately 90 cranes in the company's fleet. Among the larger tonnage cranes, the fleets compliment each other. For example, “in Seattle we have a 550-ton Grove with Mega-Wing, while in Portland there is a 308-ton Demag,” he said.

Looking to the future, Kleppe reported that it is a goal for the company to expand further into southern Oregon in 2009.


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