Merlo Roto Classic Model Arrives in Ontario

Merlo Roto Classic Model Arrives in Ontario

Reimar Forming and Construction 's expertise lies in its ability to construct high-rise structures, lay heavy industrial equipment foundations to grade walls, and apply expansive slab finishing using a variety of forming systems. Since the company is devoted to safety and determined to maintain timely projects of high quality, its equipment has to offer productivity without compromising on quality.

When it was time to buy a new telehandler, Mike Martins, president, compared brands and models available and ultimately selected the 10,000-pound capacity Merlo Roto 45.21 Classic from Manulift EMI for its rotating capabilities and ability to reach 69 feet high and 59 feet forward—the first unit of its kind in Ontario.

The Merlo Roto 45.21 Classic can cover a 100-foot work zone without moving. The unit features a top speed of 15 mph, 360° vision, full anti-torsion chassis built with the exclusive Ring of Steel, Class I hydrostatic transmission, and compatibility with 90 attachments.


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