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More Usable Run-Time Optimized with U.S. Battery Deep-Cycle Batteries

More Usable Run-Time Optimized with U.S. Battery Deep-Cycle Batteries
U.S. Battery Manufacturing reports that its deep-cycle batteries provide more run time for battery-powered aerial lifts and cranes with additional money-saving advantages. U.S. Battery’s line of 6-volt and 12-volt deep-cycle batteries incorporate the exclusive XC2 formulation and Diamond Plate Technology, allowing rental companies and fleets to operate machinery longer on a full charge.
U.S. Battery products also reach peak capacity in as few as 25 cycles, provide higher total energy delivery, and extend battery life. With proper maintenance, a fleet of lifts, cranes, and access platforms can lower their annual operating costs by simply switching to a more efficient battery. Available in a variety of sizes and amp-hour capacity ratings, U.S. Battery products feature extra heavy-duty connector lugs and a tough polypropylene exterior case. The company’s SpeedCap venting positive locking system is also available, making it easy to perform maintenance procedures, and to install a single point watering system.

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