Check out our 2024 Corporate Sustainability Report! Releases Crane Signs to Protect Workers has released new crane signs as safety tools for construction workers and operators. The selection of Crane Signs includes Danger and Caution to direct personnel on site stay clear of cranes in operation.


The Crane Hoist Warning Signs indicate the proper hand signals for construction workers to direct cranes. The pictogram of a construction worker making each signal visually reinforces the proper procedures.


“Hands are important in many of our safety signs because they are evocative,” said Rivka Fogel, manager at MySafetySign. “The new crane signs help prevent miscommunication by reminding workers what the respective signals mean.”


If MySafetySign does not have the specific sign desired, custom options are available. Simply enter text, upload a company logo or graphic and have it tweaked at no extra charge, and the sign will be ready to ship in minutes.


During the process of composing signs, MySafetySign uses durable materials, including aluminum, plastic, and vinyl, that last for at least a decade. Additionally, hard hat labels specifically for cranes are designed to adhere firmly to surfaces and can be removed cleanly. Like signs, the labels are customizable.


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