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National Crane Set to Exhibit at ICUEE 2013 | Construction News

National Crane Set to Exhibit at ICUEE 2013 | Construction News
National Crane Set to Exhibit at ICUEE 2013 | Construction News

Manitowoc will exhibit its National Crane product line at the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE), in Louisville, Ky., from Oct. 1-3, 2013. The National Crane booth will be located at Outdoor Lot N, #N2021.

National Crane will be exhibiting two cranes: The National Crane NBT45 boom truck and the NBT33-TU track unit crane. These cranes are valuable tools in the construction and utility industries, as they are mobile both on and off the job site, travel well on highways with little need for permitting, and require very little setup and tear down time.

“As leaders in the boom truck market, National Crane owes a significant part of its success to the utilities industry,” said Brian Peretin, vice president of National Crane. “ICUEE gives us the opportunity to present the most cutting-edge boom truck technologies to this important group of customers.”

The National crane NBT45 features a 45 USt capacity and a 161 ft, five-section boom, the longest in its size range. The crane is also available with boom lengths of 103 ft, 127 ft and 142 ft. The NBT33-TU is similar to National Crane’s 1400A boom truck, but is mounted on tracks for the navigation of rugged terrain. It features a five-section 127-ft boom, 33 USt capacity, and Vision cab.

Also featured on the booth will be the National Crane Truck Modification Center, which was developed and launched last year. Peretin says:“The Modification Center really takes the guesswork out of modifying boom trucks. We can get involved so much earlier in the process, which enables us to leverage our decades of experience and develop the optimal boom truck solutions for customers. They can bring us a goal or a challenge, and our engineers can come up with solutions long before the machines are purchased or the wrenches start to turn.”

Other exhibitors see the value in National Crane boom trucks, too. Six cranes will be featured in other exhibitor booths, including:

  • The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) will feature a 15 USt NBT15 at its booth with live exhibition.
  • Ford Motor Company will also show a NBT15 mounted on a F750 truck.
  • Kansas City-based Custom Truck & Equipment will display two 40 USt NBT40 cranes – one mounted onto a track unit, and another mounted on a tri-drive truck – as well as a 36 USt NBT36 boom truck.
  • Monroe, Louis.-based Scott Powerline will exhibit its 33 USt 1400H at the booth of International Truck and Engine.

ICUEE 2013 anticipates more than 800 exhibitors and over 16,600 attendees.


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