New Crane Accident Investigation Guide Released by SC&RA

Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA), Fairfax, Va., has published its Crane Accident Investigation Guide after two years of planning and preparation by the association’s Crane & Rigging Group Safety Education & Training committee. Because SC&RA members typically lift and position oversize objects, frequently at great height and with tight tolerances, the possibility for severe injury or major property damage can never be overlooked.
Available as a free resource exclusively to SC&RA members, the 10-page guide is offered in PDF format, enabling it to be reprinted easily. The primary focus is on the determination of the facts surrounding the incident and the lessons that be learned to prevent future similar occurrences.
The easy-to-use checklist format covers many considerations unique to the crane & rigging industry. For example, among the 15 types of accident description listings are ‘crane overturned,’ ‘boom collapsed,’ ‘load fell,’ and ‘wire rope/cable broke.’
Other categories in the comprehensive guide include types of bodily injury and property damage; time of accident; weather; lighting; type of job; type of project; nature of work; property ownership; legal property status; load description; weight and how determined; training of lift director, crane operator and other key personnel; rigging and equipment information; equipment set-up; lift engineering; types of reports prepared as a result of the accident; contractual risk transfer; subrogation; and other factors subject to further analysis and review by qualified experts.
The guide is available in the Members Only section of the SC&RA website.