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New Grove GSK55 Crane Tackles Factory Addition in Germany

The GSK55, a distinctive new mobile crane from Manitowoc’s Grove brand, has been working well for first customer Sönke Jordt. One of the most recent jobs for the new crane was the installation of several structural components at a EUROline Logistik factory addition in Gross Parin, north Germany.

For this job, the crane was on site for two days placing a variety of frame, wall and roof units. Loads were as heavy as 3.3 tons, and the crane positioned the components at radii between more than 65 feet and 72 feet.

Hartmut Lehn, operator for the GSK 55 at Sönke Jordt, said he noticed several noteworthy features on the crane, in addition to its ease of maneuver and travel. “The first thing you notice about the crane is how easy maneuverability is,” he said. “But I’ve noticed several other user-friendly features. For a start, the engine is very quiet, so it’s easy to communicate with other people. Plus, you’re not seated as high up as you would be in a standard all-terrain crane, so again it’s easier to communicate with signalmen, and it gives better access.”

The Grove GSK55 combines the upperworks of a Grove GMK3055 all-terrain crane with a specially designed truck chassis that acts as a trailer. The truck chassis on the GSK55 has its own 104 kW engine to provide full power to all crane functions. It has a standard design so it does not need to be married to any particular brand of tractor. This is particularly useful for companies, such as Sönke Jordt, that operate fleets of trucks.

With two axles on the tractor and three on the trailer, the crane does not exceed 10 tons on any single axle when traveling with almost 13 tons of counterweight. Gross vehicle weight is under 47 tons, and the load per axle is well below the 13.44-ton maximum required in many markets.

In addition to flexibility travelling to the jobsite, the crane is also easy to maneuver once it arrives on site. With a turning radius of more than 11 feet over the rear and 26 feet over the jib, it offers the best figures in its class, the company said. This means that even though the crane has two vehicles, users can position it in the tightest locations.

Michael Preikschas, Manitowoc’s senior product manager for all-terrain cranes, said the GSK55 highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation. “The GSK55 is an affordable option for customers that want all-terrain crane lift performance, but do not necessarily need the off-road capability those cranes offer,” he said. “It’s another great example of Manitowoc innovation producing cranes that meet customer needs.”

Like the GMK3055, the GSK55 has a maximum capacity of 61.6 tons and a 141-foot main boom. An optional 28.5/49 foot swingaway jib is available, giving a maximum tip height of almost 197 feet. The ability to use any tractor also means that national requirements for left-hand drive or right-hand drive vehicles can be accommodated easily.


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