New Hoisting Solutions from Demag Cranes & Components

Demag Cranes & Components, Solon, Ohio, will present a number of hoisting products at ProMat, including the LRS travel wheel system, which provides crane owners with a cost-effective and robust universal solution in the lower load-capacity range. Available in the LRS 200 and LRS 350 variants, the travel wheel system is suitable for wheel loads weighing up to 14,330 pounds at speeds of up to 328 feet per minute. It can be used for speeds up to 787 feet per min for lighter wheel loads. The universal and maintenance-free LRS system is designed for smooth operation at temperatures ranging from -10° to 40° C (13.9° to 104° F).

The Demag LRS travel wheel system features wheels made of spheroidal-graphite cast iron and wheels with Hydropur tires. The spheroidal-graphite cast iron wheel features a self-lubricating effect, high resistance to wear, low rolling resistance, and a high load capacity.

Demag offset geared motors are ideally suited as travel drives. ZBF travel motors as flywheel drives ensure smooth acceleration and braking with line operation. Tailored to meet the demands of the relevant load to be moved and the required speed, various gearbox sizes are available with corresponding travel motors. For motorized solutions, users can choose between a central drive arrangement that drives two travel wheels or two individual travel drives. Individual design requirements are also met with the Demag torque bracket, which facilitates horizontal or vertical mounting or an arrangement of the geared motor at any angle to the system.

Additionally, Demag Cranes & Components has extended its DR rope hoist range to include the FDR foot-mounted hoist. For precise positioning, the foot-mounted hoist unit features two hoist speeds as standard. With its ProHub function, the FDR also features load-dependent speed control. Further benefits include its low-vibration, quiet-running motor, its fast responding brake and its gearbox, which is lubricated for life.

Three models are included in the worldwide launch of the foot hoist, the FDR3, FDR5 and FDR10 sizes, which are available with various drum lengths and corresponding hook paths. For a 4/1 reeving arrangement, the load capacities are 3.2, 5, and 10 tons. In addition, a 6.3-ton version of the DR5 and a 12.5-ton version of the DR10 are available, each in class 1Am.

The FDR is a very simple and inexpensive solution for the refurbishment and modernization of existing installations. Thanks to the attached reeving components for 2/1, 4/1 and 4/2 arrangements, it can be easily integrated into existing steel superstructures.

A further benefit of the foot-mounted hoist is its standard integrated monitoring system, which enables individual operating parameters of the hoist to be read, also by means of remote diagnostics. Examples of these features are the error memory, the load spectrum recorder, the operating hour counter, as well as information on the load suspended from the hook at any given time and the condition of the brakes.

Finally, Demag Cranes & Components has extended its range of chain hoists with variable speeds in the upper load capacity range. The DCS-Pro 10 chain hoist is based on the DC-Pro Series platform. It provides infinitely variable speed control for lifting and lowering motions over the entire load range.

Operators benefit from particularly fine control at low speeds for precise positioning processes. With partial loads and no-load operation, the rated speed of the DCS-Pro 10 is increased by up to 90 percent. The lifting motion automatically switches over to creep lifting speed before the limit positions are reached. Acceleration and braking ramps prevent significant load sway. When used together with E22 or E34 electric-travel drives, the cross-travel motion also can be automatically controlled at variable speeds.

The DCS-Pro10 chain hoist is offered with comprehensive standard features, including improved safety standards; effective cut-off on overload; a brake-coupling system that ensures the load is held securely in any operating situation; elapsed operating time counter and diagnostics interface that provide information on the operating status; and improved safety function by means of motor temperature monitoring.

The gearbox, brake and clutch are maintenance-free up to 10 years. With a 20 percent longer service life due to its 2m+ classification, the DCS-Pro range also offers greater operating efficiency.