New IMT Mechanics Truck fits up to 80,000 ft-lb Crane

With the redesign of the Dominator IV mechanics truck, Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc., Garner, Iowa, claims this is the first service body on the market that can be equipped with an 80,000 ft.-lb. crane. Featuring more lifting capacity than all other IMT cranes, the new crane model 8025 is designed to perform field maintenance on heavy-duty equipment.

Among the enhancements made to the Dominator IV truck include a patented inverted A-frame floor structure that reduces the weight of the body and allows the truck to haul more payload and a new workbench bumper that offers 24 inches of work surface with increased storage capacity, and an overhang at the rear for clamping.

This new mechanics truck is ideal for heavy equipment applications, and operators can perform equipment maintenance in the field such as replacing or repairing hydraulic cylinders, track components, hydraulic pumps, engines and transmissions.

Customers can specify a variety of crane sizes to be installed on the Dominator IV truck. In addition to the new 8025, those that fit this service body are the 5525 (55,000 ft-lb), 6025 (60,000 ft-lb), 6625 (66,000 ft-lb), and 7025 (70,000 ft-lb). Customers may also choose between the 19-foot body, which is designed for a tandem rear axle chassis, or the 14-foot body, which is designed for a single rear axle chassis.

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