New Internet Site to Make Data on any Crane Available

The first database for the tracking of major crane components for any crane in the U.S. is being prepared for initial release. Frank Bardonaro, president of Philadelphia, Pa.-based AmQuip Crane Rental, has developed the site to address the increasing need for a full service database of crane-related information. The site,, is available to anyone in the world.

The site was created to provide crane rental companies, contractors, government organizations, OEMs and other organizations with a complete history of any crane listed, according to a news release. Each registered crane rental company will be able to log in and register whichever cranes they would like to make available to their clients and others. The serial number-based system will enable the company to immediately post the entire maintenance history of the crane, as well as all inspections pertaining to the particular machine.

The site will establish certain criteria to be used in order to determine a “reportable and major” repair that will allow tracking of critical components. While several cities and some states have expressed interest in partnering with New York City to develop a world wide tower crane tracking program, the new site will provide data that allows for tracking of all types of cranes.

“Safety has always been the most important issue in the crane rental industry,” said Bardonaro, who also serves as Tower Crane Safety Chairman for the SC&RA. “As most people know, the crane and rigging companies all over the world continuously strive for safety improvements with a zero-incident and zero-injury goal.”

While politicians have tried to implement new regulations on a local level, Bardonaro continues, “the industry is working feverishly on a daily basis to help develop standardized safety processes that are consistent throughout the country. If the site is successful in helping to develop these tracking and standardized reporting processes, then I feel we will have accomplished something that helps everyone associated with the industry and provides the public with a greater sense of security when cranes are working in and around their towns.”

The new site was meant to be utilized by those rental companies who are willing to be totally “transparent”, according to the news release. Designed ultimately to enable all crane users to instantly comply with any state or city reporting requirement, the user-friendly site will also be a tool for the general contractor, customers, and other end users. The goal of the site is to allow the user to instantly get a history of the crane being delivered to their jobsite to ensure that the crane has been properly maintained throughout its useful life. Welcoming input from all crane and rigging professionals, the site is meant to provide invaluable information for used crane sales and ultimately establish reporting procedures that can help shape the future of the crane rental industry.

More information on the site can be found at, where users can see regular updates regarding the upcoming release, and sign up for the private beta session. Comments and suggestions are welcome, according to the news release, and will be reviewed to help further develop the most comprehensive and user-friendly crane-related tracking site in the world.


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