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New Potain Self-Erector Joins Igo T Series

Manitowoc showed the second model in Potain's Igo T range of self-erecting cranes at ConExpo. The Igo T cranes are characterized by telescopic lattice masts that offer users variable working heights. Work heights on the Igo T 85 range from 66 feet to 115 feet with variations achieved either through telescoping or adding auxiliary sections. The maximum tip height of the crane is 157 feet. This crane joins the Igo T 70.

Clay Thoreson, director of North American tower crane sales for the Manitowoc, Wis.-based company, said self-erecting cranes are growing in popularity in the United States. “The ability of self-erecting cranes to cover large areas of the jobsite and the speed with which they transfer loads makes them a hit with contractors,” he said.

Because the crane's jib unfolds to various lengths, users have a number of reach and capacity options. A maximum capacity of 13,227 pounds can be lifted at a radius of 51 feet, while at its maximum radius of 148 feet, the crane can pick 2,755 pounds. With the jib unfolded to 131 feet the crane picks 3,638 pounds at jib end.

The jib can luff up to 30˚ and, depending on mast configuration, can offer lift heights between 138 feet and 157 feet. Featuring a typical small footprint, the base of the Igo T 85 is just 15-foot square. Potain's 20 LVF 15 Optima winch delivers hoist speeds up to 213 feet per minute.

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