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New Rexroth Controller Balances Power, Flexibility | Construction News

New Rexroth Controller Balances Power, Flexibility | Construction News

Rexroth has expanded its range of electronic controllers suited for mobile hydraulic applications with the new RC4-5 controller that offers the power and flexibility to maximize the performance of the hydraulic component and overall system.

The RC4-5 offers four Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) driver outputs with closed-loop current control, which compensates for changes in voltage and resistance to provide repeatable performance from machine-to-machine, day-in and day-out. Adjustable solenoid current, linearization, and PWM frequency easily adapt the RC4-5 to a wide variety of 12- and 24-volt electro-proportional components.

Software algorithms enable the RC4-5 to control hydraulic to meet mobile equipment performance demands. While controlling hydraulic power is often a core requirement for mobile equipment, the RC4-5 also provides a flexible set of inputs and outputs to support a wide variety of work, travel, auxiliary, and operator functions for system integration.

Many common sensors for measuring force, speed, pressure, position, and temperature can connect directly to the controller. Two CANbus channels offer communication gateways to a wider array of devices, including joysticks, displays, and engines.

The RC4-5’s compact 5” x 6” x 2” size also makes it a good fit for mobile equipment.

An 80-MHz, high-performance, 32-bit processor lets the RC4-5 handle simultaneous multiple control tasks. Software development is executed using standard C/C++ program language.

Rexroth offers its C Application Program Interface (C-API), which encapsulates basic operations, fault detection, diagnostics, and control techniques in a library.

C-API includes the interface for Rexroth’s standard and powerful BODAS electronic support tool, which is already used worldwide. BODAS lets controllers be flash programmed, configured, optimized, diagnosed, and data logged in a user-friendly environment.


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