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4Site Technology has launched its all-new ProPick-TC, a
hook-block-mounted wireless camera system for tower cranes, including self-erecting tower cranes.

The new camera system features all the benefits and functionality of the original ProPick but in a more compact design that sits only 2 in. off the hook block.

ProPick also now features a separated battery and transmitter, which allows use of
interchangeable longer lasting batteries and more mounting options. The battery,
camera, and transmitter can be mounted anywhere the hook block allows, including between the cheek plates.

The new ProPick ships with a single-shift battery providing 20 hours of run time. An optional battery offers more than 100 hours of operation without charging. The new 100+ hour battery also comes with a remote-control key fob that lets the operator turn the camera power on and off from the crane cab.

ProPick-TC now also features an optional extended-range antenna. The add-on
makes ProPick the only camera system that can handle tower cranes more than 1,000 ft. tall.

In coming months, 4Site will release an extended line of accessory packages that
let users quickly adapt ProPick to mobile cranes, forklifts, concrete pumps, loaders, and more kinds of equipment.

Along with the release of the new model, 4Site is also now offering optional stationary cameras to monitor hoist-drums, counter-jibs, or other critical vantage points out of the visual range of the operator. The additional video feeds are viewable on the optional split-screen monitor inside the crane’s cab.