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New Wireless Camera Offers HD Imaging, Audio, and Data Logging | Construction News

New Wireless Camera Offers HD Imaging, Audio, and Data Logging | Construction News
New Wireless Camera Offers HD Imaging, Audio, and Data Logging | Construction News

BlokCam Ltd., Priory Park East, Hull, UK, has introduced BlokCam, a wireless camera that delivers live video from a crane’s hook block to the crane operator’s cab.

BlokCam comes in an entry-level system, an enhanced “Plus” edition, and a “Pro” model.

“BlokCam has been designed to be the most universal and technologically advanced crane camera systems on the market,” says Ben Windass, managing director and joint owner of BlokCam Ltd. “It is compatible with a wide variety of crane types and sizes, from a 2-ton pick-and-carry crane to a 3,000-ton lattice-boom crawler crane while offering HD imaging, audio, and data logging,” said Windass

The new top-of-the-range Pro model is compatible with luffing-jib, saddle-jib, flattop, lattice-boom, and self-erecting cranes, but is best suited to telescopic-boom cranes.

The wireless telescopic BlokCam Pro camera system also has audio and recording functions. Its additional features include one-hour installation, IP67-rated all-weather durability, and an auto-focus lens that always gives clear views of the load and surrounding area below the hook, 20-hour battery life, and a lanyard that adds safety by tethering the camera to the hook block.

The first wireless and telescopic BlokCam Pro camera system installed anywhere in the world will be fitted to a 200-ton capacity telescopic-boom, mobile crane to transform working practices at a major infrastructure project.

Brendan Seymour, delivery manager at the Balfour Beatty, Morgan Sindall and VINCI Construction (BBMV) joint venture, highlighted the camera’s versatility and ability to give the crane operator visibility when lifting in the blind.

Seymour, who has overseen use of construction equipment and implemented safety programs on a variety of projects, said: “We had previously used another camera on a luffing jib crane but that system had limitations. The BlokCam Pro is tailor-made for telescopic booms and is designed for fast, wireless, and telescopic deployment with built-in lanyard anchors. If we need a 300-ton telescopic-boom crane, for example, we can efficiently transfer the camera system accordingly and it will complement the existing controls and operation of the crane.”

Seymour added that BBMV sites have a proactive safety culture and that the camera’s recording system can be used to train and educate teams that work with cranes as a proactive, accident prevention tool.

BlokCam’s Windass added, “We are at the dawn of a new era of widespread uptake of crane camera systems to the point where I envisage their use will soon become ubiquitous and even a specified requirement on certain projects.”


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