North American Industries Does the Heavy Lifting for Cosmos Granite & Marble

North American Industries (NAI), Woburn, Mass., has been chosen by Cosmos Granite & Marble, to design and install four bridge cranes and runways. Cosmos, headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., is an importer and wholesale supplier of premium quality natural stone for commercial and residential building projects. Through five distribution facilities across the U.S., the company imports and distributes marble and granite slabs and tiles.

Short lead time was one of Cosmos’ key criteria in choosing NAI to supply the overhead crane systems. As part of a rapid move to a new warehouse facility, Cosmos required that its cranes, and 750 feet of runway, be designed, manufactured and installed in less than eight weeks. NAI’s lean operating environment has allowed it to deliver and install over 175,000 pounds of steel columns, runway beams and cranes within Cosmos’ tight lead time requirements.

NAI has installed top-running bridge cranes in Cosmos’ new warehouse. Each of the four 48-foot span, 5-ton single-girder bridge cranes has been placed in the facility to allow easy access to all of the slabs and tiles. Each crane is set on its own 188-foot runway with an independent traveling pendant, so the operator can stand separated from the load and move anywhere along the bridge, thereby improving his or her safety. NAI also specified an electrified transfer cart for Cosmos, enabling it to transfer loads among cranes quickly and efficiently.

 “North American Industries has been a pleasure to work with,” said Vamsi Nallapati, Cosmos’ president. “The staff on hand has been great and is very knowledgeable in the crane industry. We had a very tight deadline to keep and NAI was able to keep meet this time constraint with ease.”


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