North American Industries to Provide Overhead Crane in Central America

North American Industries (NAI), Woburn, Mass., has been selected by agro-industrial company Pantaleon S.A. to provide a new overhead crane system in Central America. The job calls for components for a 40-ton double-girder bridge crane, to be used in the installation of a new turbine, as well as in support of an additional condensates turbine which is to be put into production in the near future.

This top-running Class D crane will have a 60-foot runway span with two 20-ton motorized trolleys. Since this crane will be used to install turbines, an eight-button pendant with a three-position switch was chosen to allow the operator to move each trolley independently or simultaneously. This crane was classified as a Class D because it is designed to make twice as many lifts in an hour and lift the full-rated load 30 percent more often than a moderate-duty Class C crane.