North Carolina to Offer Classes on New Crane Standards

The North Carolina Department of Labor’s Education, Training and Technical Assistance Bureau will offer training classes starting this month to educate workers on the state’s new crane safety standard.

The classes will run through Oct. 9 and will be held in several locations throughout the state. The courses are free of charge, but class sizes are limited. Registration information and class schedules can be found at the NCDOL website.

North Carolina’s crane safety standards will take effect Oct. 1. The standard is designed to protect the safety and health of crane operators, construction workers and the general public.

“This is another great example of what can be accomplished when the public sector and private industry work together to accomplish a common goal,” Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry said. “North Carolina has taken a giant step forward toward elevating the safety of crane operators and construction workers across our state by adopting this standard.”


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