N.Y. Labor Department Employee Behind False Crane Operator Certificates

The New York State Inspector General's office says a 38-year veteran of the State Department of Labor falsely issued 200 crane operator certificates between 1985 and 2000. Frank Fazzio, who also issued himself an improper certificate, has been removed from the Crane Operating Examining Board and faces “appropriate action” for his misconduct, according to The Business Review.

After a test-taker complained of unfair treatment on the crane practical exam, an investigation found Fazzio had issued improper certificates. The issue was first brought to the attention of the labor department in 2004.

Last fall, the department suspended 197 crane operator certificates. Of those, The Business Review reported that 75 have re-tested and 38 have passed. However, the Inspector General's office found the Labor Department has little control over the testing process.

The Inspector General has recommended the Labor Department draft practical exam governing policies immediately, and re-evaluate the composition of the Crane Board, whose members all have union ties. In response, the Labor Department will issue written policies and procedures for improved standards, administration, and oversight of the practical examination, according to The Business Review.