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NYC Crane Operators Requirements Go Into Effect Next Month

Popular New York City real estate blog reports the new guidelines for crane operators in NYC will go into effect next month. The new guidelines will require applicants to obtain certification from a nationally accredited organization.


According to the article, the major changes apply to Class A and B crane operators, who operate the largest cranes. Under the new rules, an operator is required to have three years of experience in area of “comparable density” to New York City, one of which must be in New York City, if the operator has fewer than 10 years of total experience.


For Class C crane operators, regulations will stay the same, requiring at least two years of experience in New York City or another U.S. jurisdiction where crane operators are regulated, such as California or Chicago. At least one of the two years of experience must be undertaken in either New York City or in an area of comparable urban density.


“A better exam means a better crane operator on the job site,” Department of Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri said in the statement. “Veterans of any profession can suffer from complacency, but in the world of high-risk crane operations, it can lead to catastrophe.” He added that more oversight was needed to ensure safety on construction sites, not less.


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