Optronics Unveils Bright New LED Lights | Construction News


Optronics International, a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty LED vehicle lighting, has introduced its new HD 500 Series LED stop, tail, turn lamps.

The new lamps' three-dimensional lenses and brilliant illumination make them stand out from other stop, tail, turn lamps.

The HD 500 Series LED lamps have lenses with a raised linear focal point in the center that makes them look unique. Both the 4-in. round and 6-in. oval lamps have an 18-diode configuration that produces a light pattern that stands out for both its design and brightness.

“With the introduction of our new HD 500 Series LED stop, tail, turn lamps, Optronics continues to lead the industry in lamp-styling diversity and choice,” Brett Johnson, president and CEO of Optronics International, said. “This is the third new stop, tail, turn lamp option we’ve introduced in just the last 60 days, and it’s a testament to the maturity and competence of our product development capabilities.”

Harnessing the latest diode technology, Optronics’ lighting engineers created an innovative optic approach that gives the new HD 500 Series its stylish appearance. With 18 diodes, the lamps have a bright perimeter of LEDs surrounding a convex central feature with a contrasting illumination pattern.

The new LED lamps are very competitively priced, yet are 264% brighter than the law requires and 15% brighter than Optronics’ standard 10-diode stop, tail, turn lamps. The high-visibility to low-cost ratio will make the lamps attractive to a broad audience.

OEs will appreciate the lamp’s unique look as a valuable enhancement to their products. Fleets will like the lamp’s quality, dependability and low cost. Owner-operators will enjoy the style and visual flair the lamps will add to their rigs.

“Our new HD 500 Series LED stop, tail, turn lamps have more diodes, a more unique optic design and shine more brilliantly than anything else in their price range,” Johnson said. “The look of the new lamps makes them more attention getting, and that’s a great quality for stop, tail, turn lamps.”

All HD 500 Series LED lamps meet FMVSS 108 and SAE photometric requirements for visibility and safety and come with a lifetime warranty. Lenses and housings are constructed of highly durable polycarbonate that is sonically welded. HD 500 Series lamps are engineered to use solid-state, surface-mount device (SMD) technology that enables their electronics to resist moisture, shock and vibration.

The new lamps are expected to begin shipping about Oct. 16, 2015. The lamps will be available with standard PL-3 and Weather Tight termination and will interface with existing harness systems for easy retrofitting.

“Optronics is continuing to set the pace for new product innovation and introduction among HD vehicle lighting manufacturers,” Johnson said. “And the marketplace is responding, because the new products we’ve introduced in just the last three years represented 20% of our overall sales in 2014.”

Optronics products are available in the U.S. and Canada through the company’s extensive distribution network of more than 12,000 distribution locations.

Videos explaining Optronics’ products and capabilities are available at www.optronicsinc.com/VIDEOS/ProductVideos.aspx