ORMIG to Display Its 804AC Truck Crane at Bauma

ORMIG SpA, Ovada, Italy, will show its model 804AC truck crane at the 2007 Bauma Convention, to be held April 23 to 29 in Munich, Germany.

ORMIG has reduced the truck-mounted crane's overall dimensions to 8'0”x11'0”. The 804AC's relatively small size in conjunction with its 80-ton capacity offers versatility, which is particularly useful when travelling to several heavy-lifting jobs.

This truck-mounted crane has a six-section, fully hydraulic telescopic boom that extends 157 feet.

Total weight is just 35 short tons, allowing the 804C to drive on highways and interstates without any special permits.

ORMIG calls the 804AC an “exceptional transport vehicle” for two reasons. First, the counterweight is included on the crane, and an assist crane is not needed. Second, the 804AC can tow equipment that weighs up to 198 tons.

The crane can be equipped with a "tilting head," and an attachment can be added at the fix hook to reduce operating heights, convenient for cramped inside jobs.

Available options include various lengths of tilting fly jibs, driving control from the upper cab, electric motor and auxiliary counterweight. Fittings can be adjusted to fit the operator's comfort.

See www.ormig.com for additional information.