OSHA Reps to Discuss Cranes and Derricks Reg on RT Forklifts

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) reports that OSHA representatives will present information on changes to the rule on cranes and derricks in construction and answer questions tomorrow, Dec. 1st, as part of the 2010 Fall/Winter CE Standards & Regulations committee meetings. The meetings begin today at the Four Points Sheraton in Schiller Park, Ill.

There are new definitions included in the regulation that refers to "multi-purpose machines.” This definition can include rough-terrain forklift trucks if they are configured to hoist a suspended load and are able to move the load horizontally. The users of these non-traditional crane products should be aware of these changes and how the new regulations will impact how they use their equipment.

The new rule goes into effect this month, and will impact products not categorized as cranes in the past. To help sift through the changes, AEM invited representatives from OSHA to present and answer questions on the new rule during a joint meeting of the Manufacturers of Rough-Terrain Forklifts Council (MRTFC)/MRTFC Engineering Committee.