Palfinger Enables Jumbo NX Access Platforms to Lift Like Cranes | Construction News

Palfinger Enables Jumbo NX Access Platforms to Lift Like Cranes | Construction News

Palfinger Jumbo class NX access platforms are now even more versatile with innovative crane mode added to the range of capabilities.

The advantage: lifting capacity of up to 1,984 lbs. (900 kgs) can be conveniently performed using the access platform. That means one less piece of machinery is needed on a construction site.

The innovative solution helps Palfinger save customers time and money by combining construction site operations. For the first time, an access platform – specifically the Jumbo class NX – has been equipped with a practical crane mode.

The new function allows loads of up to 1,984 lbs. (900 kgs) to be lifted using the crane hook. The system's cable winch has a lifting capacity of up to 1,014 lbs. (460 kgs) and measuring equipment prevents overloading.

Crane mode makes the access platform more flexible and versatile. "This means that an additional crane is not required at the construction site for simple lifting tasks," says Dominic Ulrich, technical director at Palfinger Platforms.

For instance, crane mode can be used to lift tools up to the assembly site. Another typical use for crane mode is to transport air conditioning units or antennae onto the roof of a house for installation. However, for loads weighing more than one tonne (1.1 U.S. tons) or for more complex tasks, crane mode cannot be used in place of a Palfinger loader crane.

Simple to operate
Crane mode, an option for the access platform, is well thought out and simple to operate.

The full lifting capacity is available even when the access platform is extended to its maximum range. In concrete terms, with the P 570 access platform, loads of up to 1,984 lbs. (900 kgs.) can be lifted to a height of 125’8” (38.3 m).

The cable winch is positioned on the loading surface underneath the platform, and an automatic function moves it out of the transport position. Generally, crane mode is controlled via the access platform's cable-connected secondary controls. Wireless remote control is also available on request.

As soon as crane mode is activated, a crane, which is in compliance with Standard EN 13000 for mobile cranes, emerges from the access platform. All persons are prohibited from entering the basket while crane mode is active.
Flexibility meets performance
The Jumbo class NX combines a high degree of flexibility with outstanding performance. With special profile structures and lightweight materials, the design ensures that this series has a low dead weight. That allows more tools, working accessories, and material to be transported on the vehicle.

The innovative Jumbo class NX has already received several awards, including being voted "Product of the Year 2015" by the jury of the International Awards for Powered Access (IAPAs).


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