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Pathway Polymers' White Paper Focuses on Sustainability in the Tire Flatproofing Industry | Construction News

Pathway Polymers recently published the white paper Sustainability in the Tire Industry: Sustainable Development Through Tire Flatproofing Technology. The paper looks into the problem of improper scrap tire disposal, its effects, and the solution offered by Pathway Polymers’ patented AutoFil Recycler System. Sustainability in the tire and flatproofing industries is a topic that draws a lot of public attention. With research, statistics and analysis, this paper is an educational tool for current and potential TyrFil users, as well as tire manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Since 2005, Pathway Polymers has prevented approximately 80 million pounds, or the equivalent of 3.9 million tires, from being dumped into landfills. To put that number into perspective, 3.9 million tires is the equivalent of approximately 60 Olympic-size swimming pools. Oil is a main element of any tire fill. By using the AutoFil Recycler System, Pathway Polymers dealers and processors have been able to reduce the use of non-renewable petroleum distillates by over 125,000 barrels.

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