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PM Group Presents New Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Cranes

PM, the Italian manufacturer of hydraulic cranes, recently presented new cranes at SAIE 2008, held in Bologna, Italy, in October. The company presented a new hydraulic crane series at the show: the PM 15S and PM 16,5SP.

Featuring double linkage, the cranes have been developed to satisfy customer performance needs. Different configurations are available, from the most basic to the fullest range of options. The new models feature a wide range of accessories as well.

PM has engineered the new cranes with electronic moment control device (PT Compact or PowerTronic CANbus) for improved performance. For easy setup, the cranes’ design includes stabilizer cylinders which tilt in axis. Following European Regulations EN 12999 for the design, verification and testing of hydraulic cranes, both cranes are equipped with safety devices.

From the structural side, PM has engineered in damage-protection features. Besides their ABS system, the cranes’ hydraulic pipes have been placed inside the column. The axis stabilizers are controlled by a lever valve block, and are available in manual or hydraulic versions, with three different span sizes, for stability in any kind of application.

Other features of these new models include a regenerative circuit on the boom extension, allowing optimization of the hydraulic flow and increasing the exit speed of extensions. The boom group is designed make an extra movement of 15° above horizontal, a feature which is standard on both models. A digital hour meter and 405° slewing are also featured on both.

The PM 15S and PM 16,5SP are available with a maximum of six hydraulic extensions on the crane base and with jib configuration in versions 4+4 or 5+2, for a maximum total hydraulic outreach of more than 75 feet. Another innovation is the introduction of the new proportional valve block D4000, offered as an alternative to PVG32, for a more sophisticated remote control system on the entry-level models.

PM has also addressed environmental concerns with this new hydraulic crane series. The cranes’ working pressure allows the reduction of fuel consumption at equal performance and efficiency. The coupling on Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles helps to keep emissions low. And, all PM cranes are painted with low-impact environmental water-soluble paints.

Besides the new additions to the product line, PM also showed several of its Platinum family of products, including the PM35.5SP, PM22SP, PM 48, PM 65 and PM 85.

PM distributes hydraulic cranes worldwide through a network of more than 200 dealers.

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