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PM Gru to Show New Mid-Size Knuckleboom Range at ConExpo

PM Gru to Show New Mid-Size Knuckleboom Range at ConExpo

Following a successful preview at Bauma earlier this year, PM launched a new mid-size range of articulating cranes from 16 tonne/meters to 23 tonne/meters. Nine completely new cranes in more than 70 different configurations have been developed with technology to meet end users’ needs for high-performance cranes, reports Stefano Ghesini, PM North America’s sales director. PM will show this new crane range at ConExpo 2011, Las Vegas, Nev., in March. The series includes the PM 16 and the PM 23,5. The PM 16 has a ratio of 109,040 foot/pounds and a maximum lifting capacity of 4,255 pounds at 24’11”, up to 820 pounds at 61’10”.

The new PM 23,5 SP has a ratio of 154,210 foot/pounds and a maximum lifting capacity of 5955 pounds at 25’3”, and 1305 pounds at 62’04”. One of the innovative features of this new middle range is PM’s seven hydraulic extensions, which translates to the longest knuckleboom crane with this ratio, according to Ghesini.

Apart from the long reach, the new range is available with “PM Link”, the manufacturer’s double linkage road system designed for constant lifting curves and top performance in every operating position. The PM Link system offers extreme lifting capacity and flexibility, a constant demand from the knuckleboom crane sector. A sister series is also available without the “PM Link” to satisfy the customer looking for a strong crane with short reach, says Ghesini.

The boom extensions on the cranes in this series are equipped with a regenerative oil system, designed to increase the boom speed performance in comparison with previous models. “The innovative boom pack with PM Link is designed for heavy applications on vertical reach and offers high lifting power,” says Ghesini. “Together with the long reach and the negative angle of the boom pack, these features give the operator the perfect machine for everyday operation.”

The secondary boom on these cranes is designed with 15° of negative angle. One of the most popular features on big knuckleboom cranes, PM has integrated it into this medium range.

In the cranes’ hydraulic systems, PM has installed a CDS low-pressure control safety valve for accurate movement without oscillation. The cranes also have front coupling on cylinders without any bends to avoid oil leaks, increase working safety, and reduce maintenance costs, says Ghesini.

A newly designed base with cast rotation system for intensive uses and high cycles, and hydraulic stabilizer cylinders up to 21’8” spread are available with 180° rotation and designed to fit all truck emission configurations. Stabilizers are controlled with the new Interlock System, allowing five different outrigger positions.

Also available is a jib version featuring the same PM configuration as the new PM 23025 SP + J514.20 with a maximum lifting capacity of 530 pounds at 78’9”, or the PM 23026 SP + J252.10 with a lifting capacity of 575 pounds at 73’2”. Negative angle on the crane and on the jib, from 10° to 20°, is electronically controlled for safety.

All the cranes are equipped with a selection of overload protection settings via the hydraulic overload protection system. The latest generation of the PM Power Tronic system, offering complete crane diagnostics, also blocks the crane from entering dangerous working conditions. The Power Tronic system works with a radio remote control equipped with a LCD screen to update the operator about working conditions.

“PM has invested in bringing to the market the latest technology for the advantage of the operator,” says Ghesini. “In PM we always look to operator safety, using the latest technology and following all worldwide safety rules. And, PM cranes are equipped with all the safety systems requested in the new OSHA rules in North America.”


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