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Point-of-Rental Updates Enterprise Software | Construction News

Point-of-Rental has released the newest update for its Enterprise rental-management software.

Currently being released to customers on a rolling schedule, Enterprise 2015 includes many innovative features, such as RFID Integration, which instantly imports large quantity counts of tagged items.

Another new feature is the Contract Fulfillment Module, which utilizes mobile tablet devices to replace load slips and prep reports, allowing for real-time, paperless updates to contracts.

The SmartEquip integration and the new Employee Scheduling Module both provide valuable timesaving shortcuts. Those are just a few of the hundreds of enhancements and new mobile tools that round out the added features of Enterprise 2015.

Each yearly revision from Point-of-Rental integrates hundreds of new features that come directly from customer feedback. In addition, continual modifications in the software programming help refine processes to provide an even more efficient flow for their customers.

Wayne Harris, CEO of Point-of-Rental® Software said, “I appreciate having customers that are more like partners—people who take the time to provide feedback to help make us better, which in turn allows us to help make them better.”


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