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Point-of-Rental's New Module Simplifies Updating of Customer Info | Industry News

The new SalesForceSync module from Point-of-Rental Systems makes it easier for rental stores to stay up-to-date about prospective customers.

Point-of-Rental says that its is excellent for managing prospective customers, but that keeping customer and prospect information current between two separate programs can also eat up a lot of time. Now, Point-of-Rental handles that work effortlessly by syncing new and updated customers, contacts, contracts, calls, and call logs between its customer database and SalesForce.

Created to save time and eliminate miscommunication between rental companies and
their sales teams, SalesForceSync will keep all the customers’ and prospects’ information current without inputing it multiple times.

It lets users mesh their and Point-of-Rental contacts and tasks, and helps them access Point-of-Rental rental contracts online to engage customers. 


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