Product Review: Xtreme XR3034 Telescopic Handler

The highest-capacity telescopic handler featured in the 2012 Lift and Access Showcase walkarounds was Xtreme Manufacturing's XR3034. Designed as a pick-and-carry telehandler, it does not have outriggers, so all capacities are on rubber. The forklift operator can lift the Xtreme telehandler's maximum capacity of 30,000 lbs. to a height of 27 ft., or lift 12,000 lbs. to its maximum lift height of 34 ft. The forklift will handle that same 12,000 lbs. at its maximum forward reach of 17'6".

As a pick-and-carry model, the XR3034 telehandler has a two-section boom and no outriggers. The company focuses on forklift ruggedness. Xtreme's warranty covers structures for 10 years, telescopic boom for five years, and the entire machine, bumper to bumper, for two years.


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