Redesigned Deep-Cycle Battery Performs Better, Lasts Longer | Construction News


U.S. Battery has redesigned its popular US 8VGCE XC2 8-volt deep-cycle battery with more amp-hour performance and improved longevity, to provide greater power and reliability for a variety of applications.

U.S. Battery’s US 8VGCE XC2 is one of the company’s Group GC8 line of performance 8-volt batteries. It is popular with professionals who want an economical option to power vehicles and equipment.

Although the US 8VGCE XC2 was built for economy, it doesn’t lack in performance. It now offers 110 minutes of run time at a 56-amp draw, (155 amp-hours at a 20-hour rate) and weighs a hefty 60 lbs.

The US 8VGCE XC2 has a durable, heat-sealed black polypropylene case and standard bayonet vent caps. The company’s SpeedCap system is optional, as are a variety of high-quality terminals to match a wide range of wiring options.

U.S. Battery's exclusive XC2 formula and Diamond Plate Technology let the redesigned 8-volt battery reach higher initial rated capacity and also cycle up full-rated capacity faster than any other battery in its price range.

For customers who want greater power and performance with premium internal components, U.S. Battery’s line of 8-volt batteries also includes the US 8VGC XC2 (170 Ah at 20-hr rate, 64-lbs/29-kg), the US 8VGHC XC2 (183 Ah at 20-hr rate, 67-lbs/30-kg), and the company’s 8VGCHATB all-terrain battery (205 Ah at 20-hr rate, 73.2-lbs/33.23-kg), a battery designed for the most demanding applications while offering the industry's longest run times.