R&M Materials Handling Celebrates 80 Years

In 1929, the nation was introduced to the first Ford station wagon, the Academy Awards, and R&M Material Handling Inc., when it formed its hoist and crane manufacturing operation in Springfield, Ohio. Throughout the 20th century, the company gained economic growth by offering a wide range of hoists, winches, and overhead cranes to local automobile factories, including Westcott, Russell-Springfield, Kelly Steam, Frayer-Miller, the Ford Motor Co., and Bramwell.

Many of the first hoists R&M developed, the S hoist platform, are still in use today. Throughout the years, the product offering has expanded, and the company now sell hoists within the crane builder, industrial distribution, and entertainment sales channels. R&M hoists can be found in manufacturing facilities, churches, and arenas throughout the United States, Central America, South America, North Americam and the Caribbean. The Stagemaker concert hoist even made a special appearance in the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies and most recently in the new Dallas Stadium.

Since its inception 80 years ago, R&M has proven to be a diverse technology leader guided each day by three core values: innovation, performance and reliability. In this time, R&M has operated successfully in a highly competitive and technically challenging marketplace, where fast-track product development and competitive advantage are key components to ensuring success.

“As we look back over the past 80 years, one thing is certain: Our success is a direct result of devoted employees and customers dedicated to the brand,” the company says. “During the next 80 years, we will continue to exceed customers’ expectations and deliver superior customer service.”