Safe-T-Hook Introduces Intelligent Crane Hook Systems to North America

Safe-T-Hook, LLC, Great Falls, Va., has introduced a Norwegian-built, precision-engineered, intelligent crane hook system to the U.S. and Canadian markets. The company’s flagship system, the Twister, is designed to make both construction and industrial crane operations safer, more accurate and more efficient. The system features remote-controlled gyro-stabilized load rotation and a remote-controlled hook release that allow crane crews to remain clear of the load after they hook it up. Safe-T-Hook notes its system reduces the likelihood of injuries and fatalities by keeping the crew at a safe distance during load movement, positioning, set-down, and hook release. According to the company, the system also increases accuracy by allowing for more precise load positioning via remote control.

“Twister significantly improves efficiency by cutting down on the time it takes to complete each lift,” states Dave Platte, president. “These savings build up dramatically for prolonged operations involving repetitious lifts.  Such operations include, for example, oil and gas offshore oil platform resupply, stevedoring (particularly the loading and offloading of break-bulk cargo), and high-rise building construction involving pre-fabricated sections. “

Platte says Twister is also easy to use and maintain because no modifications to existing hooks or cranes are required to use it. Plus, all of the system’s components are modular and configured for easy replacement in the field. Originally designed for the North Sea oil industry, the Twister is built to withstand harsh environments, utilizing heavy alloy steel and a simple yet robust mechanical design.

Twister models feature gyro-stabilized load rotation through 360 degrees, making it possible to  hold the orientation of loads that otherwise would be prone to rotate in the wind (weathercock),  to rotate loads as desired to avoid obstacles, and to position loads with precision for set-down and release, according to the company. Both Twister and the company’s HookMate systems utilize weight sensors integrated with electromechanical locks that prevent the hook from releasing while under tension, eliminating the risk of early hook release.

A wireless remote control commands the release (all models) and rotation (Twister models) of the load from a safe distance, such as inside the crane cabin, or by the lift foreman from a safe vantage point.  The remote control used in both Twister and HookMate systems is wireless and is assigned a unique identifier code, enabling the use of multiple remotes in proximity without crossing signals or creating interference.

Both products are designed to simply slip onto standard crane hooks. Safe-T-Hook will custom configure a system for specific lifting needs. Systems with multiple hooks, different hook shapes, and other configurations are also available. Safe-T-Hook’s standard hook configuration integrates a safety guard, reducing the risk of hook snags and/or sling damage. The company’s systems are certified to EU and US standards.