Safway's New Brand Platform to Focus on Safety and Efficiency

Safway Group has developed a new brand communications platform.

The Smart Way encapsulates our company’s long-standing business philosophy – emphasizing safety, engineering and efficiency,” explained Bill Hayes, Safway Group president and CEO. “It also speaks to our renewed focus on meeting – and exceeding – customers’ needs and expectations by offering the safest, most cost-effective approach to any multiservice project.”

According to Karla Cuculi, vice president of communications for Safway Group, The Smart Way brand initiative evolved as a more concise and clear way of communicating the idea that Safway delivers safer and better high-performance solutions. “Our customers and prospects are clear about wanting to do business with companies that add value by taking the time to understand the total scope of work and proactively offering the best approach,” said Cuculi.

During the past several years, the Safway Group has been building the structure to position itself as a leading access, insulation and coatings provider. “The combination of both organic growth and strategic acquisitions allows the Safway Group to deliver the highest level of performance at the lowest total installed cost, in the shortest possible timeframe,” Hayes said. “We’re able to provide an unmatched range of expertise, products, services, experience, cutting-edge technology and contract options to our customers in both the commercial construction and Industrial markets. There isn’t a more exciting and dynamic multiservice provider in the market today.”

“It’s not just about us—this is about our customers,” Cuculi said. “We understand that on every project, no matter how big or small, safety is the number one priority and every dollar counts. With The Smart Way, we’re promising our customers that when they choose Safway Group, they’ll receive safe, customized solutions that address their specific needs on any project, no matter how challenging.”


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