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Sany America Unveils New RT Crane

Sany America’s new 60-ton rough-terrain crane, the SRC860, was on display at the company’s recent ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the first-phase completion of its North American assembly plant in Peachtree City, Ga. Product is scheduled to begin later in 2011.

"The SRC860 is the first U.S.-tailored product designed by a joint Chinese/American team at Sany. The 60-ton class is the highest volume RT market in the United States, and the SRC860 is positioned well for performance, reliability and transportability," said Richard Hunter, product manager - cranes at Sany America. "It will be joined by two more RTs, the SRC840 and SRC860XL, that will be introduced at Con-Expo later in March."

The features a four-section main boom with 113-foot maximum length. With a 53-foot bi-fold jib the crane maximum tip height is 172 feet. A fully optioned machine weighs less than 90,000 pounds. The crane measures 10’x10’ for easy transport. The powertrain features a 250 hp Tier 3 Cummins engine coupled to a Dana Powershift transmission (6-speed forward and reverse) and Axletech axles. Standard tires are Bridgestone radials (29.5R25).


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