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Sany's New SRC885 Rough-Terrain Crane | Construction News

Sany's New SRC885 Rough-Terrain Crane | Construction News

With a rated lifting capacity of 85 U.S. tons, the new SANY SRC885 rough-terrain crane expands the Sany America product line with the intent of meeting the growing demand for higher capacity cranes.

Like other Sany rough-terrain cranes, the new SRC885 delivers lifting power, pick-and-carry capability, and operating stability in a variety of applications.

The Sany SRC885 provides reach of up to 209.7 ft. (63.9 m) through a five-section, full-power boom. It can achieve the rated 85-ton (77 tonne) lifting capacity at a 10-ft. (3.05 m) radius. With an overall weight of 115,880 lb. (52 562 kg), the Sany SRC885 is well sized for a variety of applications while still being easy to transport.

“The market is looking for a strong product that provides higher capacity than the more common 75- and 80-ton class machines without carrying the price tag of a 90-ton crane,” said Kyle Nape, senior vice president, Sany America Lifting Group. “We expect the SRC885 model to meet that demand and fulfill contractors’ expectations.”

The new SRC885,uses globally sourced key components, including a Cummins engine, Braden winches and hoists, a Dana transmission and Parker hydraulics, satisfying the serviceability demands of customers and dealers alike.

The SRC885 has 4x4 hydraulic powered steering and earthmover-style tires. The SRC885 rough-terrain crane features three-position outriggers that level the crane with up to 12.4 in. (315 mm) of ground penetration and maximum horizontal extension of 24 ft. (7.32 m).

The 275-hp (202 kN) Cummins Tier 4i engine integrates with the hydraulic system for precision control and multi-function load sharing. Hydraulic joysticks provide variable control of crane functions, and the two-speed swing system rotates 360 degrees in either direction.

Suited for Contractors and Rental Operations
“Along with its attention to operator comfort and easy serviceability, the SRC885 is priced right for both rental and contractor customers, which will help establish a strong market presence,” Nape noted. “This machine offers a combination of specifications and capabilities that demonstrates our commitment to satisfying the demands of the North American market.”

Standard features of the SRC885 include an ergonomic cab with all-steel construction, hydraulic joystick controls, optimum visibility, tinted safety glass, an opening skylight with visor and wiper system, a sliding door on the left side of the cab, a framed sliding window on the right side, acoustic foam for noise suppression and insulation, heat and air-conditioning. A six-way adjustable seat with mechanical suspension features arm rests and a headrest.

Self-Diagnostics Enable Onboard System Checks
An in-cab monitor prominently displays the machine’s operations and provides full-machine diagnostic capabilities, enabling operators and maintenance personnel to perform onboard system checks.

Other key specifications and dimensions include the main boom which telescopes from 38.7 to 147.6 ft. (11.8 to 45 m), boom extension that ranges from 30.2 to 52.5 ft. (9.2 to 16 m), and maximum hoist line pull of 20,559 lb. with 841 ft. (256 m) of ¾-inch (19 mm) diameter line. The SRC885 is 46 ft. 11 in. (14 m) long, 11 ft. (3.4 m) wide and 12 ft. 6.5 in. (3.66 m) tall, with tail swing of 14 ft. 11 in. (4.27 m). Total counterweight is 28,660 pounds (13 000 kg).

In addition to its four-model lineup of rough-terrain cranes, ranging from 40 to 85 U.S. tons, Sany America also offers five crawler crane models from 110 to 550 U.S. tons.

“All these models are new to this marketplace since 2010,” Nape said. “We’re an engineering-based company with an impressive record of product development that underscores our commitment to the North American market.”


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