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The Sarens Group Introduces Heavy-Lift Crane System

Belgium-based The Sarens Group has introduced the SGC 120 heavy-lift crane system, which will be available in early 2011. The 120,000 tonnemeter machine is a product of the combined engineering efforts of Sarens and its newest group member, Rigging International of Alameda, Calif., according to the company.

The SGC 120 is the only third generation crane of this capacity in production, according to the manufacturer, and is designed to accommodate the heavy lifting requirements for refinery, petrochemical, offshore platform and third-generation components for both advanced pressurized water reactor (APWR) and boiling water reactor (ABWR) nuclear power plant designs.

The SGC 120 meets all US and European Lift Crane Standards. It is equipped with  a ring design which ensures safe operation parameters; a ring-mounted configuration that allows for minimal ground surface preparation where native soils can support 2 tons per square foot; and counterweights of 3,968 tons of locally-sourced material which can be left at the jobsite upon completion of work.

The crane is all containerized and containers are utilized for counterweight. It has six modular hydraulic winch systems designed to provide redundant backup and ease of installation and replacement. The crane’s all-winch wire rope lifting system is engineered to provide fast and smooth load raising and lowering movement. The Sarens Group is currently developing a rail system which will allow for rapid jobsite relocation of the crane.


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