Schmidbauer Expands its Range of Top Lifting Capacities

Schmidbauer, Grofelfing, Germany, is expanding its fleet of large cranes with the addition of the 500-ton Terex Demag AC 500-2 SSL in February. The 500-ton all-terrain crane is equipped with the Sideways Superlift (SSL) and a star-type outrigger, and also included a 99-yard luffing jib, a 68.6-yard fly jib, and a 180-ton counterweight in the delivery.

Managing Director Werner Schmidbauer said this about the acquisition: “One of our company's specialty areas is installation in refineries and power plants. On these jobs, we need a powerful machine with good maneuverability and the space-saving benefit of the Terex star-type outrigger. Another requirement for us is excellent lifting capacities at steep boom positions.”

Schmidbauer added that immediately after delivery, the Terex Demag AC 500-2 will be put to work in the erection of a temporary bridge over the Main-Danube channel at Bamberg. From there, it will proceed to Karlsruhe for use in the Miro refinery for several weeks.

The Terex Demag AC 500-2 SSL is the shortest eight-axle machine in its class with a carrier length of only 56.4 feet. With a boom extension, the crane can achieve a maximum working height of 481.2 feet. The crane achieves enormous power in all lifting capacity operations through such features as the improved Demag ovaloid boom design with diagonally arranged self-centering slider shoes and the reinforcement of the sideways superlift. Deflections of the entire system are minimized by means of the star-type outrigger.

Short setup times and ease of operation through an innovative crane control system ensure optimal working conditions. The crane is powered by the latest DaimlerChrysler engine technology with 653 HP.