Scott Powerline Delivers Modified Elliott Boom Truck to Salt Mine


Scott Powerline Equipment, a Louisiana-based heavy machinery dealer, recently delivered a customized Elliott Equipment Co. 30105R boom truck to the North American Salt Mine Co. This truck-mounted crane was purchased to perform salt mining operations 1,550 feet underground within the mine. Elliott’s engineers worked closely with North American Salt’s user group and modified this 30105R crane by adding a specialized 1,000-pound hydraulic drill attached to an 800-pound capacity remote-controlled steel work platform.

The customized system offers two miners the ability to move close to the mine face and drill from within the work platform, saving time and money. 

Elliott’s ease of installation and minimal number of fittings meant the entire boom truck could be completely disassembled above ground and reassembled deep within the mine. 

With options like removable work platforms, special outriggers, auger drill systems, radio remotes and more, the Elliott 30105R is a fully customizable product that can be modified to meet a variety of worksite needs.